Luis Quintero

Luis Quintero

Doctoral researcher exploring behavioral user modeling with machine learning (ML) and adaptive virtual reality (VR) enviroments in the Data Science Group, Stockholm University.

Interested in applications combining ML and VR for healthcare, professional training, and education. Most of my work refers to real-time analysis of physiological signals, motion trajectories, and gameplay interactions to classify subjective user characteristics like skill level, emotional states, or mental workload.


🌎 From Manizales, Colombia | 📌 Currently in Stockholm, Sweden

Personal Blog Notes

Notes and Tips for Academic Writing

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Developing for Oculus Quest

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Personal Code Snippets

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MarkDown Reference

This Jekyll template totally compatible with Markdown syntax. Now, let’s take a look for the text and typography in this theme. Emojis 😁 🚧🚧 Work in Progress! 🚧🚧 Comments in MD The most plat...

Insights about XR technology

About Facebook’s decision to force personal accounts with their VR headsets Interesting editorial about how this movement represents a step in the future. By 2025, when Apple and Facebook launch t...

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